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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

FFL BLOG 9 Tips and tricks to hire web designer online

Here are a few tips to hire web designer online. You need a website for your business or a personal blog . You want your website to look good . How can you choose someone that will not only give you a nice looking website. But someone that will have your wesite rank properly? Hire dedicated web designer This is an important step .

As we have seen in precious articles, you can have the best looking website in the world. But if your website does not bring people, if your website does not convert visitors it is a waste so far . Hire web designer online . Most people do not know, but a website does not bring you traffic. A website is not like your facebook profile. In your Facebook profile you are linked and connected to thousands of people .

Your facebook profile is already search engine optimised .

It means that your facebook profile comes with traffic on it without you doing anything. Your facebook page once you invite friends. Each of your friends and their friends can see your page . It is this very massive interlinking of pages that makes facebook so powerful and easy to use . Hire dedicated web designer .

If you have one hundred friends and each has ten friends . They can hve one thousand people on your facebook profile without you doing any work . This is why most people think the internet works this way without any work . This is not true . Your website or blog is not connected to anything . Unless you start posting many articles and connecting it with links to other sites and blogs, . No one will visit our website . Your website will remain an isloated island in the middle of the Pacific.

Hire web designer online that your about search engine optimisation . As it is not enough for your website to look good . You need to have many keywords in your website, and you need backlinks. Some people say that as long as you have many articles with the same keyword then you will rank . In fact this is the safest way you can rank your website .

Yet afte telling this to many people they still think that just having a website will make them millionaires overnight as long as the website looks good .

Did you know that very good looking men rarely have women approach them? It is the same with your website . Onlce it looks good thanks that you hire web designer online like the fast freelancers . Then you need to get to work right away writing articles . Can you write any articles? No Your articles need to have keywords in mind .

This is extremely important .

If you start writing articles and you do not know what your target is you will not rank for anything . How does google finds websites ? The google bot comes once in a while to your website and it seeks repeated words . Then the google bot says this website is about cars, or heavy metal, or fashion . Your website ranking will depend on which keywords you repeat on your website . What industry are you in ? Which city are you in ? Do you work worlwide or in a specific city ? What product are you selling ?

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